Heaven Can Wait Spy stories by retired Mossad agent

Long time MI6 agent Ashley Dyer is weeks away from retirement. Adorned in his trusty corduroy pants, stodgy jacket and customary cup of tea, he assumes the humdrum role of night duty officer.

It doesn’t take long for the wrong call to come in, launching Ashley and his sleepy organization into a lumbering dance of risk and deceit at the forefront of international counter terrorism.

Yehiam’s spy stories are unique in their genre, replacing Hollywood charm and explosive car chases, with true-to-life cunning, patience and subterfuge – blended with the self serving opportunism, arrogance and ineptitude that permeate the world’s most revered intelligence organizations.

Inspired by 25 years of service in the Israeli Mossad, Yehiam’s first espionage thriller ‘Heaven Can Wait’ is a breath of fresh air in contemporary spy literature and counter terrorism novels, complementing the work of best seller authors like John le Carré, Tom Clancy, Daniel Silva and John Grisham with realistic accounts of both the mundane and the extraordinary of international espionage.


Great way to get more connections on Linkedin

Hi All,

Just a quick rant about LinkedIn

Just got the following email (names blurred for privacy reasons)


As you can see, the only option given to me here is to confirm this person who I never heard of.

There is some proud product owner behind this scheme who was probably tasked with increasing confirmations…

I was never a big fan of LinkedIn but this is really not helpful.

IsAlpha() in VB.Net

I just love VB.Net, so easy to get stuff done quickly.

I especially enjoy string processing, I hope you do too.

Today, I needed a little function to check if a string is an alpha character and found this quick hidden gem of a method.

Dim s as string=”g”


That’s it, nice and easy, enjoy.